Home Group Sermon Series - 2023

Mountain Top Experiences (Part 1) January - April

Have you ever looked at a situation in your life and said there is a mountain in your way? We can either climb a mountain or take the long way around it. How many times do you see a mountain as a problem in your lives? But that isn’t always the case in the Bible. Some of the ‘mountain top’ experiences of God’s people were times of blessing and challenge as well as times of affirmation and rebuke.  

Mountains are often mentioned in the Bible because they dotted the landscape where the stories in the Bible take place. Considered to be places ‘close to God’ mountains have great significance for Jewish and Christian cultures. The Bible mentions mountains 570 times and about one-third of the mountains listed in Scripture had at least one major event occur on them. This Home Group series, will look at some of the mountains in the Bible, examine the events which took place there and learn lessons from those experiences which can have a lasting impact on our lives today.


Hattin: Mount Of Beatitudes (ADCM)

Matthew TBC

23rd April



Hebron: Mount Of Inheritance

Joshua 14:1-12

26th March



Nebo: Mount Of Hope

Deuteronomy 34:1-12

12th March



Gerizim: Mount Of Blessing

Deuteronomy 11:26-29

26th February


HG252: Watch on YouTube

Sinai: Mount Of Covenant

Exodus 24:1-18

Pauline Woolnough - 12th February


HG251: Watch on YouTube

Moriah: Mount Of Provision

Genesis 22:1-19

James Van Cleef - 22nd January


HG250: Watch on YouTube

Ararat: Mount Of Promise

Genesis 8:1-4, 20-22, 9:1-17

Paul Carr - 8th January