Home Group Sermon Series - 2013

You’ve Got Mail: The Seven Churches In Asia

This study into the ‘Seven Churches in Revelation’ has many of the answers. This is a timely series of studies in the life of Emmanuel, after our season of Central Meetings, when we have Reimagined our Mission and Ministry, and is an opportunity for us to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of these seven churches, as Jesus speaks to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, as we further discern what type of church God is calling us to be and what we might be called to do to make that a reality.

HG086 : Laodicea

Having Everything And Nothing

Revelation 3:14 - 22

Paul Carr - 12th January 2014


HG085 : Philadelphia

Ready For Mission

Revelation 3:7 - 13

Tom Loh - 24th November


HG084 : Sardis

Harmless And Ineffective

Revelation 3:1 - 6

Paul Carr - 3rd November

Notes : Video - Asleep in the Night

HG083 : Thyatira

Split By False Teaching

Revelation 2:18 - 29

Pauline Woolnough - 27th October


HG082 : Pergamum

Loyal Yet Compromised

Revelation 2:12 - 17

Paul Carr - 13th October


HG081 : Smyrna

Persecuted But Rich

Revelation 2:8 - 11

Paul Carr - 22nd September


HG080 : Ephesus

Faithful But Unloving

Revelation 2:1 - 7

Paul Carr - 8th September