Emmanuel seeks to be:

A Praying Church

Where individual and corporate prayer is a priority.

A Church of Preaching & Teaching

Where God's word brings us to a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus, which enables us to be Active Christians able to demonstrate Biblical morals and ethics in our daily lives.

A Church of Praise & Worship

Where we bring people of all ages into the presence of God (using contemporary and traditional styles) through which the Holy Spirit may flow in His refreshing power.

A Church where God's Gifts are Given & Used

Where the church family of all ages are encouraged and empowered to develop the gifts the Holy Spirit has given themand where we allow Him freedom to do His work.

A Church of Compassion, Concern & Care

Where we seek to minister to, and care for, the needs of those in our church and community.

A Committed Church

Where meeting together every Sunday, and regularly throughout the week, is a priority.

A Family Church

Where we are committed to making everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, feel welcome.

A Growing Church

Where we are committed to growing:

Spiritually: Through maturing in our faith and becoming active disciples of Jesus;

Numerically: Through developing new and meaningful relationships to bring others into the church family;

Financially: Where we are committed to resourcing the mission and ministry of Emmanuel and the wider church.

A Church with a Vision

Where we seek to find new, and more effective, ways of serving God and sharing the love of Jesus in words and actions.

A Church who are Outward Looking

Where we play an active part in the life and community of Billericay and where we are committed to engaging with the mission of the Christian church, at home and abroad, through active participation and through regular financial support.

A Witnessing Church

Where our life and actions reflect the new life we have found in Jesus.

A Church in Partnership

Where we recognise our involvement in the worldwide Church

Jesus' Church

Where HE reigns supreme!