Baptism and Thanksgiving

Are you wanting to have your child Baptised – some people call this a Christening.  It’s the same thing, just different words?

Have you been asked to be a godparent but you are not baptised yourself?

Are you not quite sure what commitment you have to make or what’s involved?

Then why not join us for our regular Baptism Preparation Courses to find out a little more about what Baptism involves and have your questions answered. These are held two or three times a year.

The three ONE HOUR sessions are based around the Baptism Service itself and look closer at:

Week 1: Believing & Belonging

Week 2: A Promise is a Promise

Week 3: Symbols of Baptism

We have regular services for older children 14+ and adults who wish to be Baptised by full immersion.


Watch Viki being Baptised by full immersion here

Download our Baptism leaflet here