St. John The Divine, Outwood Common, Billericay

Food Bank

St. John's is the host for the Billericay Food Bank which has been serving the needy since March 2018. There are two aspects to this work. Receiving Donations, and Meeting Need.

Receiving Donations

Can you help us help others in Billericay by purchasing something extra today?

The Billericay Food Bank needs long life products.

In order of priority:

Canned meals                    Nappies     

Canned meat                      Sanitary products     

UHT milk                             Shaving equipment

Canned potatoes                Soap

Canned vegetables                Shampoo

Pasta sauces                     Deodorant

Soup/Noodles                     Wipes

Cereals                          Toilet Roll

Canned/Dried desserts      Tooth Brushes

Tea/Coffee                          Toothpaste

Squash                          Brushes/Combs

Rice/pasta                     Flannels/Sponges     

Goods may be delivered to the church on Thursdays when the café staff are there 11am to 3pm, or to arrange collection or a different time please e-mail

Meeting Need

To get help for yourself or for someone else in a difficult situation without enough money to buy food or other household requisites, you may contact the Billericay Emergency Food Bank. It is here to help you through this difficult time. It should be possible to help you "top up" supplies for a few weeks.

You may call the dedicated phone number 07707 466262 to make an appointment to come to the Food Bank. This will usually be on a Tuesday afternoon.

When you come to the Food Bank, please bring some documentation, so that we can understand your needs.

If you cannot get out and about we may be able to visit you. If you are not able to carry your supplies home from the food bank, we may be able to deliver for you.