St. John The Divine, Outwood Common, Billericay

A message from our Licensed Lay Minister, Linda Russ

Divine News April 2019

It is a great disappointment to still be without a vicar but we remain prayerful and look to the future with hope knowing all things work out for good in God’s perfect timing.

It has been a mild winter but still I think all of us will welcome Spring with open arms. It speaks to us of new life, renewal and wonder – a time of warmth and sunshine. It’s not surprising that the early Church chose this time of year to celebrate Easter when all around the earth is throwing off the old and taking on the new life God has sent to us – as He promised He would do in Scripture – sending us seed time and harvest.

What will you do in the Spring sunshine? A little gardening maybe, or visiting, or thinking of trips you might take? I hope whatever you do will be blessed and that we all will take the time to just stand and look at the glories of the world around us and thank our loving God and Father for His faithfulness to us. To think about Easter and all it means for us as saved people, salvation people, and praise His Holy Name for the greatest blessing of all – Jesus Christ.

Love always