St Mary Magdalen

The Church in the High Street

St Mary Magdalen Church in the High Street, Billericay re-opened in 2007 after many months of restoration and refurbishment and entered a new era of community use, while still retaining its all-important role as a spiritual haven at the heart of the town. The building is equipped to serve the community in a variety of ways. A heated, tiled floor was laid and wood-framed upholstered church chairs added; similar to those in Chelmsford Cathedral. In addition, a kitchen and new toilets were installed and the heating renewed.

St Mary’s is now much more comfortable and flexible. It is an ideal setting for concerts, exhibitions and a wide range of public events and community occasions - as well as for some religious services.

The majority of the cost of the refurbishment was raised from generous contributions from local charities and from local support. The remaining amount was borrowed to complete the work and clearly any contribution we can raise from towns-people to preserve St Mary Magdalen at the centre of our town we shall welcome.

There is a regular 10.00am Wednesday morning service at St. Mary Magdalen. See here for details.