St. Mary the Virgin Little Burstead


Are you thinking about getting married? If so, why not come and attend the church you hope to be married in. If you don’t live in the parish or have a family connection to the church or parish…all is not lost! Why not make St Mary’s your regular church, through regular attendance you will be able to be married in the church of your choice.

More importantly, through regular attendance, you will build a sense of belonging and relationships with others – and possibly other couples preparing for marriage. You will discover just how much God wants to support your married life - indeed marriage was God’s idea.  Why not come to church and explore what it is that has caused you to want to be married in might be surprised at what you find!

To get the ball rolling come along on a Sunday and speak with the minister over refreshments after the service.

Download our Wedding Booklet

For more information on getting married in Church, visit the Church of England website at the following link:

Marriage Prep Course

We encourage all couples who are thinking of tying the knot to attend our Marriage Preparation Course. It's relaxed, informal and is designed to help people to enter married lifewith as strong and stable a relationship as possible.