Home Group Sermon Series - 2020

The ‘I AM’ Sayings Of Jesus

The claims Jesus made were more startling to the people who first heard them than to us. The words ‘I Am’ drew Jesus’ first-century Jewish audience back to a pivotal point in Old Testament history when Moses, worried that the people would want to know who had sent him, asked God what his name was, and God answered: ‘I Am Who I Am’ - God’s covenant name with Israel (Exodus 3:14). Now, hundreds of years later, those same words come from the lips of Jesus who is claiming to be the Lord God Himself. In this study series, we will discover how Jesus’ words can transform our lives today. Be prepared to wrestle with some amazing claims as Jesus speaks afresh into our hearts and lives.

HG198 :

Annual District Church Meeting



HG197 :

I AM the Resurrection

John 11:1 - 27

19th April


HG196 :

I AM the Alpha and Omega

Revelation 1:8; 22:12 - 16

Stephen Dray - 8th March


HG195 :

I AM the Bread of Life

John 6:25 - 51

Pauline Woolnough - 1st March


HG194 :

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life

John 14:1 - 14

James Van-Cleef - 23rd February


HG193 :

I AM the Good Shepherd

John 10:1 - 21

Rachel Orford - 9th February


HG192 :

I AM the True Vine

John 15:1 - 8

Iain Every - 26th January


HG191 :

I AM the Light of the World

John 8:12 - 30

Paul Carr - 12th January