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A message from the Team Vicar, Revd. Dan Pierce

Dear Friends  
I want to tell you what I see and what I long to see more of at St John’s. Church is us; reading the bible together, discussing what we find there, praying at all times in all places, wrestling with big questions, encouraging each other in faith and worshipping together.

All this is not achieved in an hour on a Sunday morning and I’m very pleased to say St John’s is not just a Sunday gathering.    St John’s church is us; eating together, laughing together, failing together, starting again together, weeping together, forgiving together, reaching out together, playing games together, creating memories together, imagining God’s Kingdom together.   

All this cannot be achieved in an hour on a Sunday morning and I’m delighted to say I see it happening at other times too. I see people who look out for each other. I see people who pray together. I see people who encourage each other in loving service to the wider community. I see small (almost unnoticed) acts of generosity and kindness. It’s amazing.  

So be encouraged to continue randomly and regularly getting stuck in to all these things and cultivating this way of life. Let’s everyday and always grow as a people healthily obsessed with coming to know God and each other.   


Rev'd Dan