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A message from our Licensed Lay Minister, Linda Russ

Dear Friends

What a glorious summer we are having at St John’s – we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the building with flowers, song, laughter and, of course, cake!

It was wonderful that Bishop Stephen was able to come for a service of rededication. He and the Rector made it a very special time for us all, a time to ponder the past, celebrate the present and prayerfully put our trust in our wonderful faithful Father for the future.

Then a weekend of festivities with Film Night, SongCycle, Flower Festival, Cream Teas and goodness knows what else, all culminating in ‘Golden Stars’ an inhouse concert.

The work that must have gone in to all the planning and delivery of events was, I am sure, onerous at times and the work was undertaken by many people in different roles but I would like to say an especial Thank You to Robert and to the members of the Pastoral and Social Committee.

I hope you have enjoyed the celebrations as much as I.

Love always